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embroidery for company shirts

Why Embroider your company shirts? Does branding work uniforms get more attention?

Adding Embroidery to your company's uniform will make your company's brand look more sophisticated, professional, and recognized. Don't just blend in with other companies, make it a point to make your company stand out.

Here are reasons why Embroidery is important and why it works:

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Custom embroidered apparels are a great way to get one's business' name known to everyone in the crowd. It is not false to say that an embroidered shirt is a walking advertisement in itself.
Instead of making your employees wear plain polo shirts or solid-colored button-down shirts, think how great of a statement it would make to have your company's logo embroidered on the front portion of the shirt or applique on the back portion of the shirt. Moreover, if all employees wear the same embroidered shirts, it also sends a message that they are all in the same company and need to do their job together.